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 =  The world before Tuesday...
Romulus Campan
[04.Feb.13 21:43]

CG, I'am still nailed to my armchair, breathless...
Long awaited was your presence here, and I truly hoped you are up into something, and there you go, I am way above and beyond of not being dissapointed.
I have no idea where to start..., maybe with the magnificent idea of spreading your poem between two antithetic statements, which will keep rolling your reader up and down exactly like the yoyo in your poem, on a complicated string of U2 and LO2...
This being a new experiment, I allow myself into suggesting more of you to come through when you recite your poem... There's more in there:-)

I finish quickly, since Tuesday is close...

Loved it!


 =  "love dioxide"
Dely Cristian Marian
[06.Feb.13 00:02]
Dear Corina,
I sense that the last stanza coalesces the power of control with the power of love. It's true, there is no possible switch between the two statements.
Though I rather not mention the three verses I think would be better placed under the second stanza,
as an experiment, it's kind of worrying.

It's been nice listening to you:)


 =  Gentlemen
Corina Gina Papouis
[06.Feb.13 15:42]
I thank you for reading and listening to my poetic ranting..:p

I enjoyed conceiving this 'baby', it is after all written after a reality check, a refuge for the subconscious I guess.(dangerous thing the subconscious!).
Having said that it appears that here and on other sites this poem triggered..
It was not meant to bring resolution to the reader but to stir from Love to Paradoxical questions (or the equivalent) and to top it up with an audio - that in itself is adding a possible personal note to the poem.

I am delighted you enjoyed it or even if it made you raise an eyebrow or two..:p

RC thank you for the encouragement and the red carpet treatment: this experiment tells me that in your heart and mind you are still searching. As the experiment goes I am sure this is only the beginning and I surely hope that it will last further than simple reason?: MR Hope and Ms Fear love getting married again and again - I am one of their favourite bridesmaids.:p

DCM - thank you for taking the experiment in and would love to hear what you would have moved under the second stanza and how uncomfortable it is: real experiences take us way out of our comfort zone - because if you're not on the edge you're taking an awful load of space.

Thank you both for your comments and Eugenia for helping out with the Multimedia issue.

I'll be back:p

+ Lady
Veronica Vãleanu
[06.Feb.13 16:13]
Now I see why you mentioned about marrying again and again - could that subconscious be the room for breathing in and out, to recirculate the energies? I guess it could. Or, given the yoyo rhythm, there could be 2 subconsciousnesses doing that.

& I just loved to hear your voice!

A great idea! May this be the first in a whole sparkling series!

 =  Hi Vero:p
Corina Gina Papouis
[06.Feb.13 16:44]
Many thanks for the appreciation and glad to have one more passenger on my paradox boat: which way does it stir?

Paradoxes are fascinating aren't they:p

Hope to create a series or two of those:p, not necessarily in the same format but definitely interactive.

yes the rhythm was unbalanced on purpose, but was is purpose?;p

The subconscious ah! yes! could it be just a concept? could it protect us from the wrong/ danger/unknown/ pain? shouldn't the 'experience' take care of that? Shouldn't we learn from bleeding? Or is the subconscious a result of the bleeding? A vicious circle? Is the inner eye what we choose to keep close just to create the balance which we crave in life? Why do we need balance when in balance things seem static? Bu are they static because nothing is done? Or because we work really hard at it in reality?

Oh, Vero, I have so many questions! But one of my favourite is: does it exist? be continued

 =  typos
Corina Gina Papouis
[06.Feb.13 16:49]
*what is purpose

 =  bridesmaids...
Romulus Campan
[06.Feb.13 22:31]
Dear Corina,

Now I know why I've had this deja-vu feeling...
So it was you I've seen on Ms. Fear's side at every wedding with Mr. Hope? You know I was his best man for quite long, but got sacked when I lost my hope:-)
And yes, still searching, and utterly thrilled when people experiment in literature! I'll keep an eye on you... Just please don't use it in your experiments without protective (one eye) glasses:-)

Au revoir (just driving a bit the statistics for the French site:-)


 =  :p
Corina Gina Papouis
[06.Feb.13 23:21]
..Thanks RC, watch out the deja-vus. They are trying to tell you something.

Hope more users will find experiments as a way forward in poetry, even the classic style shall always warm up our hearts, sometimes in order to create you have to first destroy.

And thanks for keeping an eye on me (is it the Golden eye? - in that case I'll try to keep your views shaken..not stirred :p)

Good luck with the French:p

 =  knock, knock Neo...
Romulus Campan
[07.Feb.13 00:33]
Yessssss, deja-vu's are perturbations in the Matrix...

And LOL you have two thumbs up for the Goldeneye joke! Awesome! Who said poets lack sense of humour?


 =  re
Veronica Vãleanu
[07.Feb.13 19:05]
every single piece of question mentioned by you here is priceless. sometimes it's hard even to establish where the thin line between subconscious and counsciousness is. and come to think there is another one to be drawn between consciousness and level of awareness... it makes our head spin.
sometimes it's even difficult to put yourself in the mood for asking further, because of anticipating a blind alley.
what I'm telling here is smth you are certainly aware of.
look, If I were to give a round conclusion, I would invite you to read this quotation: (it's one of the most interesting things I've read lately):

[The mind does not produce consciousness, consciousness is not a product of the mind, but rather the mind is a structure of energy that consciousness creates and uses in order to participate within differentiated realities.]- Keylontic dictionary

I wish this could lend you a little sparkle of inspiration for the series to come :)

 =  sure thing!:p
Corina Gina Papouis
[07.Feb.13 20:38]
I will definitely check it out, many thanks!
Matrix, Inception to name a few have their seeds in pretty much similar I am not planning a blockbuster :D but another ride through experimental poetry and as a 'quid pro quo' I'd like to show something I found too:

Keep in touch!

+ brilliant
Mihaela Chiricã
[07.Feb.13 22:07]
Hi Corina,

Hearing + reading your poem was breathtaking. I enjoyed every piece of it, it flows just like a river, naturally, undisturbed.
And the discussion that followed in the comment section was so real; exchanging thoughts is a nice way to explore the poem from different perspectives.

I especially liked this part:
‘Breath in and hold’/ (should I do what I’m told?)
I take in you2 and exhale love dioxide.

and the question:
"Why do we need balance when in balance things seem static?"

 =  Thank you!
Corina Gina Papouis
[08.Feb.13 18:08]
such riddles come and push us further as they can never hold us back.

even the expression 'to love and to hold' holds such a struggle within as it is not the same thing although we are led to believe it is.

the debate is open!..and we shall carry on debating..till death do us part:p.


 =  !
Paul Gabriel Sandu
[09.Feb.13 08:41]
amazingly beautiful! this poem could by love..

 =  the poem is good but the voice is awesome
ion a
[09.Feb.13 08:41]
i wish you'd try to do this professionally, you definitely have the potential :)

 =  I have
John Willy Kopperud
[11.Feb.13 14:14]
nothing to add except for the joy of hearing your voice!
Cheers from Willy

 =  eyelashes batting moment :p
Corina Gina Papouis
[11.Feb.13 14:21]
thanking you all for your very kind feedback! Now you have me believe that I can do my own pod-casting in the future:P (can I?) I shall definitely come back with more recordings, until then, me and Neo are busy following the white rabbit! :p

Many thanks,


 =  quite a perfomance, your reading it
Motoc Lavinia
[29.Mar.13 20:41]
I have to admit, I do love a good statement, especially when mathematically or poetically proved to be true. And you have, indeed. I am sure that the Big Engineer agrees.

 =  Many
Corina Gina Papouis
[04.Apr.13 21:20]
Many thanks for appreciating this...and of course, to the Big Engineer for making this possible.:p

Kind regards!

 =  ...
Marinescu Victor
[19.Apr.13 23:25]
on the audio works fine. on the reader's voice has brakes. but on the my voice I like the two statements.

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