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Corina Gina Papouis
[06.Feb.13 16:55]
straighten would sound better.
also the rhyming and the rhythm need a bit more polishing.

 =  thank you
Bodea Diana Mihaela
[06.Feb.13 18:02]
Thank you, Gina, for the suggestion, indeed it sounds better. I will read it again and try to give it a better shape.

 =  difficult path...
Romulus Campan
[07.Feb.13 18:52]
Hi DM,

I very much agree with Corina.
The whole poem's meaning and message are being overshadowed by the mentioned problems...
As I have previously said, classicism makes poetry extreemly demanding, mainly when there's a message to convey... The time toll to be invested for classicism's sake excedes in my oppinion the limited results one could obtain by pursuing its path...


 =  it is hard
Bodea Diana Mihaela
[07.Feb.13 23:57]
:-) it is hard for me to mix the free verse with the meaning I want to ss thorugh my lyrics. I will work at this. Thank you, RC.

Kindly, GG

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