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Dely Cristian Marian
[10.Feb.13 13:57]
Dear Cristina, I have to say that I enjoy the touch of your poetry. It's like a glowing snowdrop over a land of dreams, a kind of harmony 'cos the swiz feels like the nature is cheating back.


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Corina Gina Papouis
[11.Feb.13 14:34]
I must say it is a poem that appeals to the inner self of the reader and lets him/ her deal with it. A moving poem where there is a balanced harmony between love and regret or perhaps guilt, past and willing to move on.

the say: 'No sword cuts off a bowed head' is challenged here in a beautiful way.

I would suggest replacing bent with bowed.

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Corina Gina Papouis
[11.Feb.13 15:06]
in the first stanza:

piles of bitter words
flowing by the corners of his mouth
like downpour in the trough

..I hear it better this way. What say you?

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Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu
[13.Feb.13 08:33]
Thanks Dely ! I'm glad you liked it.
Corina, thanks for your suggestion. I will change only the third line in the first stanza. But I prefer bent instead of bowed, I found this expression and I think it is correct. This poem was inspired by a real scene in my life. Sometimes the scenery speaks about the inner self,exactly like you say.

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