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 =  hey there
Motoc Lavinia
[15.Mar.13 20:30]
If you ever decide to make it into a song and give it to a baritonal voice to perform, I'll be the first one to listen to it. I do love that man, too
( including his hat)and I do love your minimalistic ( stingy?) 'look' of your words.

 =  no particular order
ion a
[18.Mar.13 08:23]
dunno, maybe a softer (software) final (meaning just a different verb) instead of "life is yet to be born", as is, sounds a little remote controlled :)

 =  ;)
dan marius
[20.Mar.13 12:37]
hey there :) yep Ion, you're right.
Lavinia, i'd make it into a song but my guitar won't listen

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