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Corina Gina Papouis
[29.Jan.15 22:56]
It is too simplistic. Try to develop one idea at a time:

example: the strength you say is needed - where does it come from? and where does it go? do you need the arrow? have you lost the bow?


keep trying! practice makes it perfect!


 =  Thanks.
Andrei Rafael
[21.Feb.15 07:26]
It is supposed to be simplistic, I was 16 than. Yet, there are many ideas in the poem and developing them all would be too mystified, hard to get, abstruse. I can't focus on one idea, when inspiration comes, it comes unable to change it than. But now I could...

 =  Andrei.
Andrei Rafael
[21.Feb.15 07:26]
P.S. I also have the arrow and the bow, but I can't use them, though I wish I could.

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