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Veronica Vãleanu
[24.Feb.15 20:46]
oh, my I've been longing to read texts like this for a couple of years

there is a voice inside this text that makes you freeze
and this voice is so deep as if at the end of the earth & at the same time somewhere, inside your brain. it is the interface of the brain and of the mind.
the tone is huge. it has so many inflexions, ranging from "fallen from grace" self-contained despair lullabyed with the incantation &lamentation of a sort of madness. this becomes obvious as the attitude and feeling changes drastically from line 1 to line 2 and so on.

indeed the simplicity gives you the trance but it becomes so easy to glide away deeper towards the root significance/reference of [mother of eye (I)] or [thumps of the sky] or [the rings].
the vision between the 2 poles, the mother-of-eye pole and the don't-close-my-eyes pole belongs, the way i grasp its meaning, not to a dead creature, but rather to a creature unborn yet. its origin are different from the human race as it understands that it must give up before being born some capacities of perceiving that exceed the necessities of a human. the mother invoked is the opposite: a sort of indifferent & self- sufficient divinity. their relation is a tunnel-like one.

i can't explain why i was rather driven in this direction. maybe the only word i would change is in the last line
[don't open my eyes]instead of [don't close my eyes]. but it could be too shocking.
it was with a great and unexpected pleasure that i read your text.

 =  .
Petru Teodor
[07.Apr.15 05:04]
thank you, Veronica!
I am really impress by you sensibility.
my tone reached between madness and desperation, indeed.
this text is a part of my being, and comes from rage and depression, two feelings that are still lickering my wounds.
my new-born scars are not going to heal... ever.

thank for your appreciation!
thank you very much.

kind regards,

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