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 =  Size of a milk bottle
raj thampi
[23.Feb.16 11:18]
What a wonderful write! Usually much of the posted here fly above my limited imaginations.Your work is one of the best reads I have come across in recent times. Wonderful, comparing your size to a milk bottle and that cruel wind failing to snatch the sheer joy of holding you in his hands. Saints watching from icons, how unholy! and realistic such an observations is!

Highly impressive

from a distance,

 =  This was evocative; well-written.
Edward Wells II
[19.Mar.16 08:42]
Great take on place and origin. Brownies and baked houses...
Very nice lines.

+ Roots of the heart
Anca Maria Morcovescu
[07.Sep.16 07:06]
Beautiful , Iuliana.
God bless you for keeping your roots so deep in your heart.
May the saints keep watching over you from the icons that are always holy and alive due to the very portraits they are carrying through time and beyond our time on this earth.

Thank you.

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