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+ Playful yet serious
Anca Maria Morcovescu
[07.Sep.16 06:54]
Serban, what a beautiful poem!
I love the playful yet serious tone, the spontaneous contrasting associations of words and images, powerful and meaningful metaphors, and musical alliterations. Indeed, we go through the cycle of life, of the heart, of every day with all its moments of pain and joy , struggle and hope. We aim for another morning, for a "luminous night" that can keep the light alive forever.
I love these lines:

"The instant severed by a blade
of silence,
Instant in stunt, tantalizing time. Lime.
Fire. Works.
another day printed out, in black and white,
spots of rainbows every inch of my heart
Let me be, free of you, free
of this ominous, suffocating fear of future tears
galloping in the museums of light
There was evening and morning,
another day on this train of thoughts,
and a luminous

Thank you.

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