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 =  Lettre d'amour pour la Nouvelle-Orléans
Nicole Pottier
[23.Sep.05 04:54]
I personnaly thank to Andrei Codrescu for the permission to publish here this text, because it's not available on the web, just on Agonia.
The french translation (Lettre d'amour pour la Nouvelle-Orléans)is also available on Agonia france, at this adress:
Lettre d’amour pour la Nouvelle-Orléans

 =  *** NOLA
Edilberto González Trejos
[21.Sep.05 21:15]
A very articulate yet sensitive text where I reckon both heart and mind of the writer.
Thanks for the translation Nicole.
New Orleans has had historically so many features:
- It belongs to the "Bigger Caribbean Basin" as J.J. ARMAS MARCELO stated from the Mississippi Delta until the Amazon Delta in Brasil.
- An interesting mix of French, Afro, Spanish and Anglo Culture was given, making it a place so rich in the culinary, musical and architectonical arts.
- The geopolitical importance of this Gate to the U.S.A. is crucial. We will see the effects of this disaster long after this very moments...

Salut Andrei


 =  Hi, Songo !
Nicole Pottier
[23.Sep.05 04:54]
Thanks for your commentary.
Andrei Codrescu is an important and famous american writer who lives in New Orleans, but he's born in Romania (he left at 19)... In fact, I did the translation in french, this is the original text.

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