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 =  We must break through their lines, in order to, or we just have to.
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[24.Nov.05 03:00]
Breaking out, in manner, for the sake of self proclamation, breaking out through the sphere of our own circumstances, as if we want changes, we want freedom, thnx for this one buddy, it makes me feel fine, while reading this text I think I can feel the freedom, in which I want to break free, in order for me to fly the heights of my own ego.

 =  Makes the man manner
Dana Muºat
[24.Nov.05 11:29]
An optimistic text.

I liked:
"Makes the man manner
Inside his humanity"
"Procreating change"

A good, simple text.

 =  karl marx suspended
andreea l.
[24.Nov.05 13:20]
this won't do. too communist. marx reloaded.

 =  Joshua - Dana - Andreea
Edilberto González Trejos
[24.Nov.05 14:45]
Hello fellow Poets,

Joshua: You got the point right, it´s about man´s will and its influence in our environment. It can be positive or negative. But the bottom-line is that we are not fatally bound to circumstances, we can make our Own Destiny.

Dana: I am glad this simple text, written at age 19, could somehow inspire you. Short and sweet, inspired in Whitman or may be some "New England" Master.

Andreea: I thought youhad the point right when I read the title of your comm. This text is far from Old K. Marx. It is closer to Whitman, the positivists, ans so on.
Because whilst the materialist ones (communists) say that the Man´s Fate is determined by its circumstances, here I write about Freedom and overcoming of circumstances. I would say that may be at the young age I wrote this I was too "liberal".

All the best to you Fellows


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