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 =  overhelming
ioana barac grigore
[16.Apr.06 18:38]
merci beaucoup, felix

a bientot

(pour le bon ton)

+ an eye for an eye
ion amariutei
[22.Apr.06 04:09]
the wise nagarasi squinted until just a little beam of light was getting through his eyelids. what's life but a little furry light - he said. apprentices were still staring as the day turned into dusk. one by one, he slapped them by the head and spoke again: yo, dinner time!

i would have liked the image and words a little closer in meaning. sort of building a visual metaphor, complementing the poem. but looks nice anyway

 =  not too late, i hope
ioana barac grigore
[02.Jun.06 22:54]
i like it, ion. thanks a lot.
mine, was an old one...

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