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 =  Yo, Felix!
Hanna Segal
[18.Apr.06 13:47]
Well I know you never wanted to be President of the Colonies but since it happened you have to admit that it's nice to fly to work on your golden ass termite... I do it every day and then s'more.

.. other than that I think the message the poem is trying to impart could be summarized as: "Snakes on the plane! OMG, ponies!" or "If you can't cut your spleen with it, it isn't a phone: Motorolla RAZR."

 =  techno-exotic
felix nicolau
[21.Apr.06 14:21]
Hanna, it would be such a nice experience disclosing to me your riding strange animals in the Colonies. Anyhow, your interpretation meant an exotic switch and a technical one, too. Consequently, I like this ironical switch...

 =  Tigers on horses
John Willy Kopperud
[25.Nov.06 13:22]
Speed, motion, drama, violence and that surreal dreamy feeling. What more do you need? I'm glad that I read this one, Felix!

I would also like to thank you for the comment on Words wearing boots. It's good to see that you appreciate expressions of political concern. After all i am describing a sort of black palgue still haunting our peninsula.

 =  always charming
felix nicolau
[26.Nov.06 22:41]
John, I like your having a keen eye and an open-minded approach. Thanks, too.

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