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 =  Well done, we live through all the "Christian Punishments and Bliss" here on e
Sydney Krivenko
[17.Jun.07 12:51]
Short and to the point... thoughts about a passionate love? However short it is, it was worth the pain, no? Good, that we always remember the positive moments of a relationship!
How good the scorching fire can feel...

 =  Endless love & Nirmanakaya
Dear Sydney

NIRMANAKAYA (Sanskrit word) means The "emanation body"; the form in which the enlightened mind appears in order to benefit ordinary beings. One of the three bodies of a Guddha.

This means an enlightened mind which renounces to the Heavenly Realms in order to serve others (the neighbour).
The mentions to hell and purgatory are proportional signs of the Soul`s Evolution.
This is a lot about my personal hell and purgatory, and many other people`s too.
The unfair and unjust treatment, the prejudice (jail, poverty, condemnation) might be hell, getting out of it and surviving in the real world whilst achieving dreams might be purgatory ---
Then it is up to you to sleep in your bed of roses or help other... You can only help and volunteer BECAUSE OF ENDLESS LOVE, TO YOUR NEIGHBOUR.

Hugs Sydney,


 =  Pain, fire and love
John Willy Kopperud
[18.Jun.07 09:24]
"I wake up every morning and remember to pray
that Jesus and Buddha should come once again."

- from "Palm" by Adrian Henry

Cheers from Willy

 =  Willy
Come again... inside each one...
Cheers Willy

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