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 =  Another side of Sydney
John Willy Kopperud
[25.Jun.07 19:29]

This is interesting. You seem to have developed something new when you express your thoughts by means of these concise texts.

 =  Just a thought as I was feeding the neighbour's donkey, my latest attachment...
Sydney Krivenko
[25.Jun.07 19:59]
Dear Willy, thank you, this actually is not new, I thought about the Buddhist saying: don't get attached to people and animals as this will only cause you suffering and prolong the circle of reincarnation." Yet, I think we must have attachments to grow and to learn to care in order to change things. At the same time it is true, too many ties hold you back, so one should learn to detach oneself at the right time... when things are done and when it hurts the least, when everyone is ready to move on.

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