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 =  Well written, learned and highly interesting!
John Willy Kopperud
[20.Aug.07 09:52]

Essays written in an academical style are so often boring.
Your essay is not boring at all. You manage to tell a vivid tale about the search for collective and individual identity, and various modulations and interpretations of reality.
Has it struck you, though, that memory, as a realistic perception of past impressions, seems to be even more blurred in the last thirty-forty years? Might that be connected to media and the vast flow of images received by modern individuals?

 =  Thank you... and the practice of memorization
emilia ivancu
[02.Sep.07 22:47]
Thank you for your appreciating words! As for you question, yes, indeed, I think you are right, and I have also thought of it often, but, beside this flow of media images and information that is fed to us every day, I also believe that humankind has also lost its ability to remember. If we think of the medieval practice of memorizing, without which no scholar could "survive", we realize that this habit and exercise of memorization has faded in time...maybe because of the so numerous sources of information and the possibility to check up the information you need any time?
I am quite preoccupied with the issue of identity in relation to memory, and if you are interested, I could provide some more articles...

 =  Articles
John Willy Kopperud
[03.Sep.07 20:16]

I'd certainly be interested in more articles on this subject, Emilia! Thank you very much!


 =  brilliant
felix nicolau
[05.Sep.07 16:17]
excellent. naipaul is a widely-read writer in uk especially. this article is a serious gain for the site.

 =  thank you
emilia ivancu
[10.Sep.07 16:08]
thank you for the appreciation. I have posted another article on the same topic, this time also on the controversial rushdie.

 =  Remarkable work
This is a remarkable work about the Author representative of West Indies literature in particular and that of The New World in general.
I appreciate this kind of work!


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