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 =  precious...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[13.Aug.07 16:05]
What an amazing simplicity.


 =  Packed with significance
John Willy Kopperud
[13.Aug.07 17:49]


Congratulations from Willy

 =  Thanks
Sorin Toma BOC
[14.Aug.07 07:38]
Thank you both, I value your opinions :)

 =  Wow!
raj thampi
[18.Aug.07 09:16]
Beauty, I wish I had noticed it before you :)

 =  your poem - a delicate jewel
Ariadna-Raluca Stefanescu
[18.Aug.07 20:58]
Inner pain leaves behind no visible scar...

 =  Art - Beautiness
Indeed this is a work of art!
Cheers Poet

 =  -{-{-(@
Andreea Popovici
[12.Sep.07 12:49]
so deep, so lovely...wounderful!

 =  to. OR
anna nim
[13.Feb.08 03:53]
blue tone

do they mind in stare
without having nothing else
to do better do

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