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felix nicolau
[25.Aug.07 13:01]
i find it a little bit greek like. and i think it's splendid by its concision, speed and surprinsing end. young tanned inexistent gods --speak about an extremely condensed high-above world

 =  21st Century Para-Olympus?
Well-written, great signs, figures and awesome language.
At the end the reader decides...
Yeah, as Felix wrote, sounds a little "Olympusian"



 =  Thanks, Felix and Edilberto !
John Willy Kopperud
[25.Aug.07 16:29]

Thank you both for your generous and observant comments. Edilberto: You're quite to the point when you state that "-inthe end the reader decides." However I'd like to
I'd like to point the finger at another possible interpretation. The utopian notion of "Supermen" or a "Master Race" has proved to be a source of great pain for
millions of people. In some sense this notion also exists among "New Age" oriented people. Personally I practice yoga, and I'm well aware that I have to watch out for that type of
elitist thinking.

Cheers from Willy

 =  divinity//perfection
Veronica Valeanu
[07.Apr.09 17:30] perfection, that doesn't exist (only as a concept).if it displayed the judgement features inherent to a superior creature, Perfection wouldn't care whether it existed or not, it would only take pride to function as an invisible sparkle to light up the spirits.
So do your gods! they are not afraid not to exist in a frame of reality.(they might have other concerns...)
I would dare to suggest: "they all admit" instead of "must all admit"- it would be more self-conscious.

 =  Superior figments of the mind...
John Willy Kopperud
[09.Apr.09 18:39]
...these gods, Veronica. To the question of existence: Fiction is indeed one of man's greatest resources and on link here is to the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band song from 1968:
"Urban Spaceman", which ends with these words:
"I'm the urban spaceman and here comes the twist;
I don't exist." As to the word must: I have decided to simply drop that word without offering any replacement. Unnecessarities weaken the structure. Thanks a lot for your comment and your suggestion!
Cheers from Willy

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