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 =  The Marketplace
John Willy Kopperud
[25.Aug.07 21:06]

Like the scientologists the neoliberalists have substituted God with The Marketplace. Good old Golden Calf.

A vivid description of a situation where the consumer turns out a bit like a hamster, Sydney!

Cheers from Willy!

 =  No, a squirrel, Willy,
Sydney Krivenko
[25.Aug.07 21:58]
No, a squirrel, Willy, a squirrel, they collect nuts for the winter and are much cuter...
I love your comments, your sense of humour1 Thanks!

 =  These are days...
Edilberto González Trejos
[27.Aug.07 15:22]
So articulate & so well-written!
A lucid & sensitive vision of our days.


 =  Thanks, Edilberto!
Sydney Krivenko
[27.Aug.07 19:34]
Thanks, Edilberto, I return the compliment, I always enjoy your texts, too. As bad as these our days are, we still enjoy them, don´t we? At least, I do!

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