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 =  Question about Haiku contest...
Marius Surleac
[25.Mar.08 11:58]
I want to ask you if the haiku published on Agonia.Net are accepted or we have to send different haiku that is not published even on Agonia.Net.
The second question is that there is a special topic or any kind of haiku that has 5-7-5 is accepted.
Thank you very much!

 =  Answer
Magdalena Dale
[31.Mar.08 20:42]
Sorry for the delay!

As I say in the announcement, it will be accepted only original haiku poems, which were not published in newspapers or journals, author volumes or in any other forms up to the date of the competition. If you sent a haiku published on agonia net, anybody can read your haiku so we can know the author. The haiku must have 5-7-5 syllables, but first of all must be a haiku. For other kind of information you can ask at the following e-mail addresses: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Best of luck getting your work!

 =  Thank you!
Marius Surleac
[04.Apr.08 13:26]
Sorry for the delay and thank you very much for your response.
Have a nice day!

 =  the results of the haiku Contest organized by the Haiku Journal
Maria Tirenescu
[23.Aug.08 09:35]
The results of the haiku Contest organized by the Haiku Journal (Edition 2008)

The editing board of the Journal of Romanian-Japanese cultural interferences HAIKU has organized in the first semester of this year, the third edition of the annual competition of haiku poems, edition 2008, with international participation.

It has received by e-mail or by mail a number of 458 haiku poems, belonging to 108 poets. From these a number of 192 poems belonged to the Romanian poets and 266 poems belonged to the foreign poets.

The foreign poets have chosen for communication their own language and also English or French. From English were translated and selected 175 poems belonging to 57 authors and from French 91 poems with 18 authors. The choice and the quality estimation of the haiku poems were made by the jury in three distinct sections. Finally, the prizes and honorable mentions were awarded to the sections Romanian, English and French.

The criteria for accepting poems are the requirements communicated in the notification of the contest: haiku following the formal (5-7-5=17) syllables-per-line structure and original poems which were not published in newspapers, journals or in any other forms up to the date of the competition. Also, the most appreciated was the presence of the kigo, kireji in the poems, and the suggestive power of the poems.

The jury was composed of:
- President - the poet Radu Cârneci
-Members: the poets, Vasile Moldovan, Jules Cohn-Botea and Valentin Nicoliţov.

The jury congratulate the poets that has been awarded a prize and thanks for the participation to all competitors.

The winners of the prizes and honorable mentions are:

First Award- Bernd Wellbrock-Germany

Magic of spring –
a dream of thousand blossoms

Second Award Quendryth Young –Australia

sick neigbour –
the bare branches
of her magnolia

Third Award Grzeorz Sinkovski –Poland

sunny morning –
the first fly slowly goes
towards the window

Mention-Ana Vazic-Serbia

Ocean breeze –
in a seagull’s claws
a sparkling fish

Mention-Ljubomir Dragovic-Bosnia Hertegovina

Summer over.
In a swallow’s nest
a few feathers

Mention-Verica Zivkovic-Serbia

The Indian moon –
he and she waiting for the train
eat the same apple

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