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John Willy Kopperud
[19.Oct.07 00:09] the beauty of hope. Thank you, Sydney!

Greetings from Willy

Edilberto González Trejos
[19.Oct.07 17:18]
A soft toluch of Bizet´s "Pécheur de Perles" and your uniquevocal style, touches the heart Sydney!


P.s. "Effectist circumlocution" is a language figure I used for when people look for the outer things, the effects, instead of the core, the root, the cause.

 =  Thank you, Gracias! I wrote this for a dear friend,
Sydney Krivenko
[19.Oct.07 17:52]
Gracias, Edilberto! I wrote this for a dear friend who is paralised after a terrible car accident when she was only 20 years young, at was 17 years ago... I learned this a few weeks ago and thought about writing something to cheer her up, though she has long accepted her new life and has become a well´known artist, painting on ceramics and pumkins with her mouth! And so beautifully!
Anyway, I have not dared to send her this poem yet...

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