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 =  Intriguing, Willy!
Sydney Krivenko
[03.Dec.07 15:18]
Intriguing, Willy...
care to share the meaning with a little stupida?
I think you are talking about death as well, right?


 =  Art at the subway station
John Willy Kopperud
[03.Dec.07 18:26]

It really pleases me that you found the poem intriguing, Sydney! And the meaning? Goes like this: For some years I
lived close to a subway station with granite reliefs
on both platforms. These pieces of art are extrenmely capturing. What you perceive by taking them in is dreaminess
and melancholy simultaneously.

Weekend nights on that route don't offer more than two trains per hour. If I just missed one of those I could stand
dreamily and gaze at the relief in the poem, with the fluteplayer in the boat, for twentyfive minutes on end.
After some time I didn't care at all about the departure.

The last stanza just means that througn this experience I was set in a mood that would stay with me till I fell asleep - as concrete as that, you see.

Enthusiastically yours


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