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 =  on christmas day
heghedus camelia
[27.Dec.07 08:52]
nice to read these simple verses about the spark of forgiveness

wishing you a happy new year and wonderful holydays

 =  Happy New Year, Camelia!
John Willy Kopperud
[31.Dec.07 09:57]

...I haven't seen your most welcome remark until just now
since I have had a default on my web connection. It's so nice that this comment is the first thing I see after it's been repaired!

 =  Thnx 4 ur comment towards my recent poem :-)
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[03.Jan.08 12:23]
I liked this much, the forgiveness, the sudden oblivion for it's now time to make the parallel meeting with the same point. how two curved lines are drawn away to meet at the end at same point were it forms a circle/spehere.....

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