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 =  willy
felix nicolau
[21.Jan.08 22:08]
pls read at Grimps that off line

i find these experiments lovely and courageous

 =  Felix, I read this just now,,,
John Willy Kopperud
[23.Jan.08 23:35]

Thanks a lot for your generous comment. I hope I do hit some philological nerve with these experiments. Anyway, for the time being I leave all possible interpretations to the readers imagination. Am I the only one on the site to do just this? Feel free, people, the field is open! Nonsense is no bull!

Cheers from Willy

 =  again
felix nicolau
[26.Jan.08 21:50]
willy,i was asking you in an off-topic whether you'd like to be an editor on this site.what do you think? i blieve you could dynamize things together with the others

 =  so
felix nicolau
[01.Feb.08 13:25]
it is about dynamizing the site, especially, because there aren't many texts to be read. it's not very much different from what you are doing now. only that you have access to another level and other discussions regarding the making of decisions

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