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 =  syntax and grammar, please...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[11.Mar.08 11:03]

+ lines...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[12.Mar.08 11:00]
Detailed minimalism of multi-level thoughts, squeezed though in the two-dimensionality of a world seemingly unknown to the many.
"on my paper sleep
lines about dreams..."
Brilliant image...

 =  :)
Vicleanu Mihaita
[12.Mar.08 20:16]
Thank you for your kind words Romulus. I am glad you like it.

 = of life
John Willy Kopperud
[12.Mar.08 19:11]
...som impressive metaphors here.
Conratulations from Willy

 =  Thank you Willy
Vicleanu Mihaita
[12.Mar.08 20:18]
I'm glad you feel this away:)

 =  greatuse of words.
Christopher Thripp
[12.Mar.08 21:42]
great words and the use of...

 =  Thank you Cristopher
Vicleanu Mihaita
[13.Mar.08 14:40]
for your words

 =  my point of view is that...
Marius Surleac
[13.Mar.08 09:30] know how to use metaphors in a pleasant way for the reader. I see in your poem a melancholy that goes round around the each day moments, like the files in a book, so this is the book of life we all read from and feel what happens inside.
Good job Mihai and congratulations!


 =  Thank you Marius
Vicleanu Mihaita
[13.Mar.08 14:47]
For such kind words! I really appreciate it !

 =  +Book of life, sublime
Bogdan G. Marin
[24.Apr.08 10:29]
Love it, lifts your soul with images and thoughts.

Book of life, sublime you never crumble into dust and never will as while there is love to fulfill

 =  Got to love it.
Regina Moore
[15.May.08 23:43]
Strong, bold and intense, very you mih..
Loved reading it....

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