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 =  wonderful...and sad
Marius Surleac
[28.Mar.08 15:33]
The idea of this text is wonderful, the perspectives, the images, the loss of someone dear, of a friend, a soul mate.
Is a little bit sad and express such kind of moments when you wish to do a lot but you can not, you lose your feet, you don't think rational because of the pain felt in your heart. Is hard to feel such emotions - I have lost someone and it was like I wished to make everything possible to not let go and to help, but is a weird sensation that leads your body and mind. It is difficult. So, if you've passed through such moments I understand how you feel, exactly like you've mentioned in this wonderful text.
Finally I wish to say to you that there are some typing mistakes and hope that you'll fix them: "had yhe power"/"dind't know "/"We stood here toghether"/"he's thare next to me"/"pay much atention"/"noone knew we lived there"/"didn't even realised" - hope you don't mind.
Wonderful text again!
Cheers from Marius!
Have a nice day Monica!

 =  cheers
Christopher Thripp
[28.Mar.08 15:48]
yeh i agree with the 3 page essay that marius just wrote ...........excellent job monica

 =  thanks
Monica David
[28.Mar.08 17:28]
Thank you Marius, thank you Chris
I don't mind Marius and I'll see right now the mistakes.


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