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 =  Amigo, mankind is caught between collectivist states, like China...
John Willy Kopperud
[07.Apr.08 22:32]
...and the economic liberalism in the USA.Each system lacks soul and in between the intellectual and the artist has to make space for other values than those of the state or the stock exchange. Some artists do persevere in this struggle and they contribute in a grandiose way to our appreciation of freedom, soulfulness, humanism and beauty/or greatness.
Let me express a deeply felt thankfulness towards these individuals and you, Edilberto, for sharing those thoughts and those warm words from that song!

Vaya con Dios!

 =  cheers .
Christopher Thripp
[08.Apr.08 03:33]
great job songo enjoyed this very much.

 =  bravos...
Marius Surleac
[08.Apr.08 10:21]
Wonderful words!
I think that people forgot to enjoy everything. Much of them does not read literature, much of them are interested on their own pleasures (meaning food, sex, sleep, work, food, and so on - the same act). They forgot to go out in parks, to play with the children, to make crazy love acts out of the common mind, to enjoy each second of life, to get happy to each simple word, to feel the most priceless thing: LIFE.
I like how you pointed out those words from Kansas "What we are is dust in the wind" - very expressive and simple and should make us think that the wind of life passes so swiftly and we must pass side by side, not to lose it.
Many of us doesn't listen a good music, and so on...
The examples are a lot but we must find again our good pathway in life.

Congratulations Songo!

Con el alma y espirito...

 =  Friends Willy, Chris, Marius - MUSIC
Dear friends, Dear Artists!
Thanks for your comments, I prerceive the music of your BEINGS!

Closer To The Heart!

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