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 =  a mirror like perspective...
Marius Surleac
[16.Apr.08 15:38]
Two different perspectives of a human behaviour, right distributed in two different opinions!
Cheers Willy!

 =  Exactly, Marius!
John Willy Kopperud
[16.Apr.08 15:46]

A most concrete poem, describing the significance of the way
individuals perceive God. God is one, but the images are manifold products of human nature.

Thanks a lot for your sharp-eyed comment!
Cheers from Willy

 =  bang on willy.
Christopher Thripp
[18.Apr.08 02:57]
wow willy ...someone finally gets it .This poem sums up all my spirtual poems put together...Understanding is in the mind of the reader...some get it most just agree with others.

 =  speaking the unspeakable
ion a
[18.Apr.08 20:23]
present tense might make it a bit clearer:

You're speaking of God?

- Well, then,
I fail to recognize him!

 =  hmmmmmmmm
Christopher Thripp
[18.Apr.08 23:18]
hey ion a... you obviously missed this completely worries .read again i am sure it will make good sense if you think about it a while.
It's about pondering on a liftime of thought and past tense is before...cos no one quite knows the present yet.

 =  Christopher
ion a
[19.Apr.08 08:30]
of course i might be wrong, but the way i see it is this: once you "speak" of god, you missed the point. words are a human technology being used to build a comprehensible model of reality. they are simulacra. that's why you fail to recognize god when disguised in words. god can be experienced only as raw, physiological, interface-free emotion

it could also be simpler: everybody has its own, unique image of god. whatever image you project, it must be different than mine

 =  Some believers, Ion...
John Willy Kopperud
[19.Apr.08 12:06]
...keep panhandling their private view to others for quite a
stretch of time, convinced that their view is the universally valid one. The aspect of time and the distance between the two parties made me use past tense.
Apart from that you are right of course, in pointing out that God cannot be perceived solely througn words. Thank you
very much for elevated contribution to this discussion.
Cheers from Willy

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