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 =  I feel it...
Marius Surleac
[22.Apr.08 09:25]
I surely do feel it! Reading your poem makes me think to a Dream Theater album called "Metropolis - Part 2"; is about relaxation, about love, about anger. If you have the possibility to listen this album you'll now what I meant ... sometimes words are not enough to express feelings.
Beautiful poem Chris!;)
Cheers and have a nice day!

 =  agreed...
Mike Aspros
[23.Apr.08 06:30]
that is how I feel when the ego is boiling up and wanting to be right yet a higher being kicks in knowing you don't have to. Very nice poem, I enjoyed reading multiple times through out the day. thank you -mike

 =  welcome mike ...watching waiting.
Christopher Thripp
[23.Apr.08 07:05]
Thank you mike i appreciate your comment very much...I was reading your work earlier.I look forward to your progression and watching you relaxing into your texts and letting your mind flow free.cheers!!

 =  steam
paul shalan
[24.Apr.08 10:28]
i think this peom may have solved a problem,you willl understsnd soon.Good job as always

 =  Thank You. Kind Regards
oana blandiana betlevy
[27.Apr.08 19:27]
the stormy love; I do like the poem.

 =  cheers.
Christopher Thripp
[28.Apr.08 13:38]
thank you paul and oana much appreciated...

 =  Couldn't avoid....
John Willy Kopperud
[28.Apr.08 23:57]

...that sensation when you put it that way, strong and simple, Chris! Nive poem!
Cheers from Willy

 =  thanks willy.
Christopher Thripp
[29.Apr.08 05:03]
thank you willy ...much appreciated..

 =  thank you
Daniela Voicu
[30.Apr.08 08:31]
thank you for poem ...

 =  inspired.
Christopher Thripp
[01.May.08 04:52]
well dani i have to thank you have inspired me for a long time and i am sure you will into the future...

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