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 =  I find it hard to disagree...
John Willy Kopperud
[27.Apr.08 02:43]
...yet I'm left with the impression that this is a kind of idealist statement that really doesn't tell much. The text would have benefited if you'd work a bit more om it.
Cheers from Willy

 =  Ideas
Bogdan G. Marin
[27.Apr.08 13:02]
These two statements are just two thoughts. I have a political speech and a political theory that I will post here.
I can get in any political party; I am quite interested in politics, to develop our country in fewer then 4 years. Production to raise 40-50%. I will post.
I wanted to join... though I will not any more: PRM. However, I will not, as I said. Even so, I do not agree with any political party existing today, maybe not with the ideology but with the people, corrupt and incompetent.
I say a ruler must be a philosopher (similary to Plato) as well to rule as a father, to help

 =  I forgot to include:
Bogdan G. Marin
[27.Apr.08 17:08]
*to help his people, and mentain the relation with other countries, even strenghten - (one of the most important things)
"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is brought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy" said Mahatma Gandhi.

 =  With these additions...
John Willy Kopperud
[27.Apr.08 18:04]
...the text does get more intersting. Gandhi? One of the greatest philosophers of the, in my opinion!
Cheers from Willy

 =  about freedom and desire...
Marius Surleac
[27.Apr.08 18:35]
If we talk about Father of the entire nation I think that much of the political rulers are far away from this kind of ideology, and to be more explicative you should see how north-Koreans think about their absolute ruler Kim Jong Il and his father Kim II Sung (which are seen as absolute protectors, but the country is full of diseases, of starvation, of poor people and most important and sad is the fact that these people have been restrained when we talk about knowledge – what should we think about the small children from this country that know poetry, songs, prays only about their rulers); what about Cuban president Fidel Castro that is worshiped when Cuba is a very poor country. I think that when we talk about desire we should think to the common people, to their dreams. A poor country does not have money to cure rare diseases, does not have good hospitals and medical instruments.

Finally if you end all the desire it means that you kill their freedom, because you said that freedom means desire and if you’ll end those desire this means only one thing: mass manipulation – you contradict exactly what you said.

I think that the rulers must be one with the people, must see behind their eyes and thoughts, and must feel their pain. It means a lot if they ask and understand at least one of their needs.

 =  More tomorrow
Bogdan G. Marin
[28.Apr.08 08:15]
I know what the current state of North Korea is, I know, because of Kim Jong Il (present ruler) and his father; I know that they talked about wonderful dreams, and just dreams. In addition, I do see behind their eyes and thoughts.
I have studied politics for 2 years now, autodidactic.
Marius Surleac, I am sure you did not understand what I meant by desire and utility. (I will post tomorrow the text)

I am neither left, nor right - I am human. As for months, maybe years, two or three, I have engaged in political books, and have engaged into political discussions, to even writing political thoughts and found out that - I am human.
I began to write this political manifesto, humanistic political manifesto if I may say so to see and feel if there can, and if it can it must, be a political system that practices its wisdom and its spirit.

 =  To Add:
Bogdan G. Marin
[28.Apr.08 08:15]
To add:

When I said the word "father", I did not want to say dictator, that the president should have a cult of personality, no. I said that he, the president of that particular country, the prime minister and all politicians for that matter should behave like a father, a loving father. Surely, it sounds idealistic, but is it not humanistic? To be human? A party that is neither left, nor right; a party that is based upon a political philosophy, a moral philosophy would not work better? A political philosophy that has its roots in love and knowledge, a political philosophy that is then showered by a mix of all the philosophies of the world, combined with a thought that can be shaped in time that never becomes old. Would it not work better? A political philosophy that is the representing of utility - meaning not for the sake of buying but for the need to buy. You as a person are free to buy but the state - the men in power should buy things that are driven by their desire? Will? Desires end when accomplished, desires can be illogical.
Anyway, I will add more tomorrow, as I promised.

 =  oh! and Surleac...
Bogdan G. Marin
[28.Apr.08 08:16]

"It means a lot if they ask and understand at least one of their needs."

This means that you have not understood the term "desire" and "need" in my use. Desire - an illogical need. Utility - a need that it is necessary for the people.

 =  to be revised...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[28.Apr.08 09:06]

"The president and the prime minister must be as a father to his people, to his citizens" should read "to their people, to their citizens", because you have a double and therefore plural, subject.
Otherwise the whole sentence cries out its non-English origin.
Please reconsider.

 =  ok Bogdan...
Marius Surleac
[28.Apr.08 13:52]
Let’s step easy and carefully on the pathway that you chose without looking back. Explain me the last sentence, because for me is like a knocking the head with the wrong hand, or maybe my way of thinking is quite in the opposite way. Who knows, maybe is because of the words that sound like that and I misunderstood what you wanted to say about freedom.
Cheers from Marius!

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