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Marius Surleac
[03.May.08 08:33]
there is "tomorrow" instead of "tommorrow"

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Marius Surleac
[04.May.08 23:58]
Unicity of the moments in life, time's footprint captured by a photo, but I think that the trams can feel the final time cut!
Cheers Paul! Expressive!

 =  always cold ...
Christopher Thripp
[06.May.08 05:30]
blackpool iluminations now you taking me back dont forget that sand beating you get..2 miles from the beach lol
great work andy...

 =  Ah, those sepia-colored frames depicting faces...
John Willy Kopperud
[06.May.08 21:56]
...of the departed and torn-down buildings. Blackpool, sea resort and rollercoaster for the common brit...enjoyed this!
Cheers from Willy

 =  oh, yes...
Mike Aspros
[07.May.08 18:23]
you capture the place and emotions, good work. I enjoyed reading your poem and then googling "Blackpool"...look like an interesting place. I like the last line, which trams have the benefit of being mechanical and always predictable. cheers!

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