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 =  two different perspectives...
Marius Surleac
[04.May.08 13:43]
Smart use of thoughts, words and ideas. There is a dream of the fishermen in the picture you've used, for their communion with God and their strains tied by their needs. The supreme sacrifice upon the rootless minds. The echo used by Dali in his masterpieces is more solid than ever. Chaos in Dali's brain and heart is more a fragmentation of the order described in a 4D reality. Describing Jesus in his paintings in few different crucifixion perspectives, here you've melted in words Jesus' body expressions: two senses perspective – here is all about Dali and Jesus using a junction of images and thoughts!
Congrats Romulus!

 =  Art, sensitivity...
John Willy Kopperud
[05.May.08 12:22]
...and the savior, packed into one frame! Very nice work!

Cheers from Willy

 =  Marius, Willy...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[07.May.08 12:28]
Marius, Willy,

Thanks for passing by and kind critique.

 =  repetition
Mike Aspros
[07.May.08 18:58]
with the Poor eyes, Poor Brain, Poor Heart ---so well done and illustrating seeing, thinking and human.

 =  Mike...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[08.May.08 17:12]
Thanks Mike for passing by, be welcome...

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