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 =  to be revised...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[11.May.08 16:38]

Knowing well the utter pain and hope behind your thoughts, the tragedy of those living through cancers, I would encourage you to reconsider your writing, which at the moment being no more than rhymed thoughts, but less than poetry because of its too simplistic form, wouldn't make it higher than the workshop. Either work it through, or rewrite free verse.


 =  Thank you Romulus
Irene Singleton
[11.May.08 16:55]
I appreciate and thank you for your words of advice and agree they are no more than rhymed thoughts - but does something which touches the heart and raises awareness "...the utter pain and hope behind your thoughts..." not carry a simplistic poetic message?

 =  double-edged razor...
Marius Surleac
[11.May.08 22:10]
Why me? - is a question that inflicts both bad and good moments in life. Anyway, though the poem is nice, this dark side of our lives wipes out the positive feelings.

 =  bittersweet...
Lynn West
[12.May.08 06:20]
Keep writing, Irene, keep living, keep the faith, it can't be easy for you, but remember, to keep moving, believing, most of all believing in YOU!!!

 =  Thank you Marius and Lynn
Irene Singleton
[12.May.08 08:52]
Thank you both for your comments - putting the dark feelings down on paper can make them seem less scary and stop them messing with your head, so that you can then create the positive vibes around you - and yes keep living is my intention, thank you Lynn, thank you Marius.

 =  great job.
Christopher Thripp
[13.May.08 07:23]

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