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 =  "in the brain’s aged swamp"
Bogdan G. Marin
[14.May.08 08:04]
This verse truly expresses the nature of Alzheimer. I have read about and I know a person that suffers from this disease.

 =  Thank you Bogdan...
Marius Surleac
[14.May.08 08:07]
Thank you Bogdnan for your kind comment and you're right, is all about Alzheimer simptoms.
Cheers from Marius!

 =  Lost patterns...
John Willy Kopperud
[14.May.08 10:36]
...fine and concise text about a sad condition.
Cheers from Willy

 =  tough disease
Marius Surleac
[14.May.08 10:58]
Indeed Willy, you're right and there are thousand of people or maybe millions that suffer from this disease. Now it seems that scientist found out how this disease is provoked.
Thank you Willy for passing.

Cheers from Marius!

 =  .......
Christopher Thripp
[15.May.08 03:38]
it's disease that knows no bounds of agony to the victim and their families...

 =  nice job
Mike Aspros
[15.May.08 08:07]
I like the way use swamp as a metaphor, you also show that poetry has no boundaries.

 =  Thanks guys!
Marius Surleac
[17.May.08 11:38]
You're perfectly right Chris, it's a very tough disease that affects all, closer to the patient. Thank you Mike for your kind words.
Cheers to you all!

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