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 =  great dan.
Christopher Thripp
[24.May.08 06:56]
wicked dan ...loved it surely have a way with your feelings and words ...really like to read your work.

 =  ,
dan marius
[26.May.08 23:46]
I must say positive comments make me feel odd :) because now I have to say thank you and all that. But seriously, thank you. Glad you liked it (and all that) :)

+ strong poem...
Marius Surleac
[27.May.08 00:02]
I see it harsher Chris. I like Dan's mood, to bring a different damaging shape and a cutting style to the projections of the text through our eyes (readers), the words have weight ("heads falling like feathers " / "humanity multiplied by 0" - quite brilliant idea), power ("every broken bone in this world comes into direct contact
with Jesus") and creates a strong imagery.
I like this tough style of yours Dan and for long time I wanted to give you a star, and now this text deserves it completely. Interesting opinion though, about the end of time

Cheers from Marius!

 =  .
dan marius
[27.May.08 15:58]
yeaap/ bright yellow stars make Jack happy ! thanks

"every broken bone in this world comes into direct contact
with Jesus

the 21st century will be/ either nuclear or
plain stupid

the oceans will Eat you"

Anacalyptical lines of lucidity and vision!
Really like it


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