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 =  !!!
Marius Surleac
[26.May.08 00:57]
Hy Songo. I think that there is "consequence of my exposure" instead of "consequence os my exposure". Also, first you say "De Babelis" then you use "De Babelize". Cheers from Marius!

 =  out of Babel - Marius
Edilberto González Trejos
[26.May.08 02:17]
Dear Marius, yeah, it must be "of my exposure"
As for teh "Babels" ***

1) "De Babelis" is a noun, the title of my Book Section.

2) "De-Babelize" is a verb, to take the "Babel" off... like "de-tox"..

Cheers from Songo and thanks for the kind reading and com`s

 =  ok!
Marius Surleac
[26.May.08 08:22]
Now I understand. Cheers from Marius!

 =  Verschiedene languages, bueno!
John Willy Kopperud
[26.May.08 10:41]

Different languages, as well as the cultural fingerprints of other nations and individuals are a blessed thing to be exposed to. As I've already uttered on these pages; each and
every language has it's own separate way of thinking, it's own psychology, if you may. As writers penetrate these psychologies they will in many cases discover themselves at new depths in their literary development!

Good to hear from you, Amigo!
Vaya con dios!

 =  The other`s symphony - Willy
Edilberto González Trejos
[26.May.08 16:10]
Indeed dear John Willy!
A key point is embracing that diversity of music and respecting the others` symphony!
And there we will find unexpected treasures!

Abrazo FREUND!


 =  perdido en el corazon de la grande babilon
ion a
[27.May.08 06:28]
good luck Songo! i'm all for a new, babilonious language :)

 =  New horizon . ION
Edilberto González Trejos
[28.May.08 20:39]
This new horizon we barely see however we perceive it and look for it!


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