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+ That rite...
John Willy Kopperud
[06.Jun.08 10:11]
...seems perfectly right to me! There's no reason why you
shouldn't dance when the moon sings. I see this one is a follow-up, which must imply that the transition from Spanish
to English is particularly successful, or that the original poem is even more beautiful. Nice and original, amigo!
Cheers from Willy

 =  Sweet rites
Edilberto González Trejos
[07.Jun.08 01:00]
Thanks for your comments amigo.
This was an idea that I had since last year, I wrote "Moon dance" and "Electric broth" and I went back to those lines over and over again until I could actually see a Scene, from where I could make some verses.

Yeah! Why not WILLY? Why not? Spanish version is sweet, amigo... but I like this English version particularly!


 =  congrats!
Marius Surleac
[09.Jun.08 11:31]
I read the Spanish version as well and my opinion is that the Spanish version is calmer and the musicality has higher tones than the English version, though the English version looks like wearing wisdom-like clothes.

Well done!

 =  Wisdom clothes
Edilberto González Trejos
[10.Jun.08 22:48]
That was a verse in itself Marius...
Yeah, it is hard to keep the music, but the bottomline lies within our inner realms.
Best regards


 =  poetical
Monica David
[15.Jul.08 12:20]
Edilberto Gonzalez, that was very beautiful!
in a Moondance... the Old Soul...
Very deep words and so poetical.
I like to read what you write.
A good day, Monica

 =  The vision and the words
Edilberto González Trejos
[15.Jul.08 21:48]
Monica David, thanks a lot for your comments!
You see, there is a poetic vision, sometimes overwhelming and words, even when poetic, are sometimes pale if compared with the vision.
Best regards,

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