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 =  ???
Daniela Voicu
[21.Jun.08 14:21]
who its that women chris ?

 =  a funny one and serious though...;)
Marius Surleac
[21.Jun.08 11:37]
Two parts: the first one is serious; the second part made me laugh, is very funny: "feel like peeing on a tree leaving my mark / but i am an English gentleman after all" - sounds like Eliot's

The final is again serious. It was a pleasure to read it!

Best wishes,

 =  A good and sensitive depiction...
John Willy Kopperud
[21.Jun.08 14:27]
...of a relationship gone sour. As opposedvto scoresof other Agonia contributors you can write about these things without resorting to extreme sentimentality, Chris. I like that!
Cheers from Willy

 =  thank you ...
Christopher Thripp
[21.Jun.08 23:37]
marius know me straight to the point and a laughable twist but all in all serious sentiment of yes lost love ...but the catch in this poem he is still with her ..
thank you very much marius

 =  thanks willy i agree ..
Christopher Thripp
[21.Jun.08 23:43]
willy ...i dont write much romeo and juliet ...i think the real world is more no roses but more like thorns at the end of the garden....we need more wit and more fun stuff to read i like to mix it up as you know...
thank you very much willy ...

 =  thanks
Christopher Thripp
[27.Jun.08 05:21]
any man or any women who has been through this dani.

 =  cheers :)
ioana dintica
[24.Dec.08 15:54]
it is always a wonder how great loves turn to "0" in a blink of an eye and for many people the polite way is the only way to save a bit of one`s soul when the "0" meets you at times. very nice and witty ;)

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