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 =  This poem keeps popping up....
John Willy Kopperud
[22.Jun.08 17:39]
...though I sent it to the workshop because of the numerous
language errors and poetical flaws - unnecessary words and repetitions etc. Okay; underneath you'll find my impression
of how this poem should be if it is to be read with any interest at all.
Cheers from Willy

She wants you
like a wind of spring.
She misses you
night and day ,
like a kid praying
Like a star,
in your night.
Your path is open,
Your heart is mine,
She loves you
But you know , she hates you
when you are too smart
to mark your way back home.
She never forgets who you are,
where you come from,
she's the one who knows.

No jokes, no stupidity.
Stay here.
No more words.

I talk;
you listen.

 =  thank you
Daniela Voicu
[22.Jun.08 19:06]
Thank you for your help, Willy !Thank you !

 =  loved.
Christopher Thripp
[23.Jun.08 03:28]
thank you for the poem daniela...

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