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Marius Surleac
[22.Jun.08 21:10]
Explain me "ow" did you wanted to invoke pain using it as an interjection, or you forgot one letter and should be "now" instead of "ow". Also did you wanted to use "cove" or "cause"; "spread my wind" or "my wing".

I have observed that you loose the meaning of the poem because there are words used only to create the rhyme but with no sense (from what I saw). Can you explain me? Thank you!

 =  Here I find no good rhytm, no original images, no nice rhymes...
John Willy Kopperud
[22.Jun.08 21:49]
...the alliteration is so-so as is also the language level.
I'd appreciate a bit more knowledge and hard work!hh
Please try harder next time!
Cheers from Willy

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