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 =  very true
paul shalan
[26.Jun.08 13:20]
very true,but is he crying?

 =  high or low?
Christopher Thripp
[27.Jun.08 05:03]
streaming ...only a geuine tea drinker will get this one i feel!!cheers andy.

 =  An illustrious description...
John Willy Kopperud
[27.Jun.08 19:36]
...of a certain emotion, Chris! Concise and elegant.
Cheers from Willy

 =  thanks
Christopher Thripp
[28.Jun.08 00:04]
thanks willy ...

 =  good job
Vicleanu Mihaita
[29.Jun.08 10:52]
great piece. well described image.
my kind regards, Mihai

 =  thanks.
Christopher Thripp
[29.Jun.08 15:11]
thank you mihai much appreciated.

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