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dan marius
[17.Jul.08 18:11]
I'd read it but it's too long.

 =  it's an honor
dan marius
[17.Jul.08 18:14]
seriously now, I like it. I like it because it's different. I like it because it shows talent. Imagination. And inspiration. It's an honor, Sir.

 =  A great journey through...
John Willy Kopperud
[22.Jul.08 14:54]

..the straits of imagery, space, vision, civilization, music, history. I observe that poetry and the visual arts live under the same roof in a creative companionship. As to your Dylan reference...Corina, a long way from home; most suitable.
Splendid, Constantin!

 =  well
Rodica Vasilescu
[09.Oct.12 17:25]
#1 and #2 sound like the intro of a modern apocalypse.
and what in god's name has bacovia to do with all of this ? "bacovia" just doesn't sound good here.
your poem has some nice parts but they could all be separated poems or you could make only one using'em, but shorter.
another problem is that your whole poem is full of descriptions; it's so full that i'm having a really hard time putting all described images together piece to piece and see that whole world you are talking about. the only romanian poet who's really good at cascading descriptions is mircea cartarescu. ( at least for the moment )

+ bizarre
felix nicolau
[24.Jul.08 16:28]
as for me,i find some very interesting enlacements of symbols flowing into s strange, technicalized world. inhuman and abstract, but not at all opressive.regarding descriptions, they are tricky , as it isn't this the purpose of this poetry. cartarescu is shallow compared to c. severin. the strangeness of this art will remain a pinnacle in our literature.and still not boring or manneristic

+ Best regards for the masterpiece!
Marius Surleac
[26.Jul.08 22:18]
I found in "Wall and Neutrino" a series of images, a canvas of the worlds you felt in the hands, under your tracks. The Universe got melt in one picture, a huge mosaic. You took every inch of the imagery presented here, every pixel so finally like a real artist to express a painting within poetry.

The poem has a wide-spread view upon life, about the mechanisms that are the basic thing for a good functioning; you combine excellent all the arts, music with science, poetry with history, astronomy with paintings, and the examples can continue. Every inch has a view about the world as you seen; every inch is a memory that transcends from romantic to plastic, from cubic poetry (if I can say so) to deep individual thoughts and perspectives, philosophical perspectives as well.

Though, I see this poem as an expressionist wave for the poetry, as you said some time ago - but, from my point of view I found it to be experimental poetry. For me, as a physicist, "Wall and Neutrino" is something sweet, something based on still foundations, it is something tough.
There are plenty of words that can be said and discussed about "Wall and Neutrino", but this will take more than one day.

Finally, I will extend a little bit the idea from the title. Neutrino, from the physical and my own point of view, is a particle that can pass through walls. It is a very interesting particle - so I will say that Neutrino means your vision about world and the passing beyond the wall is the imagination, the new ingenuity that is to be found in this masterpiece.

Congratulations and best regards,

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