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 =  wearing out discourse
Veronica Valeanu
[04.Feb.09 14:13]
the beginning is quite lame. People see the title, the theme creates a configuration in our brains. The fist line should have expressed this sensation of yours in other words. Desperation laddles out thousands of ways to express it!
it reminds me of one of the most delicious retorts I have heard in a movie about Shakespeare's life and work- there was the Queen's spokesman (or announcer) shouting out in front of the croud: the Queen, the Queen, here comes the Queen.
and her ladyship's whipping words in the silence around: "Shut up, you're wearing out my name!"
And there are mistakes: [since 3 days i'm sleepless] - change it into: [i've been sleepless for 3 days], for God's sake!

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