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 =  nothing pertinent
Veronica Valeanu
[21.Feb.09 13:17]
no pertinent classroom issue is fully envisaged or tackled down.
naive approach. you don't seem to wish to dig into the reality. it's just words. do your students have to wear a tie or make a reverence when they speak to you?

 =  hey teacher, leave those kids alone
ion a
[25.Feb.09 10:11]
unfortunately, this is a mistake many of my own teachers were making: the idea that since you have a captive audience (your students) you don't have to make it interesting or even useful. in any human environment, you can't simply demand respect or attention from your audience, you have to earn it.

in the case of teachers it's even more important because a really good teacher can fire up his students' curiosity, creativity, tenacity, etc. these are traits that will help pupils later in life regardless of how good their grades are in a particular subject.

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