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 =  A very good idea...
John Willy Kopperud
[14.Nov.08 10:09]
...though the grammar, syntax and rhythm here should be much better. Your idea deserves that. I have taken the liberty of presenting you with a ready revised poem,
hopefully respecting the original idea:

The Fun of Angling

The national sport of England
may seem boring for many,
even among those who are inclined to like ut.
By Jove, these fish are canny!

Those who don't like angling
may never have been to the water
Or, even if so, they may just
have found a fish caught by an otter.

Those who did enjoy the waterside
must necessarily have been there.
Failing to catch any fish, however,
they returned bored to their party.

Well, angling is not that easy
You have to learn all its ins and outs;
study the nature of fish and waters;
in still waters you don't find trouts.

Then you ought to have the right gadgets,
the right hook, the right line, the right fly.
Sometimes to snare a squid or a cuttle fish
You may have to sing, dance or cry!

Come on, let's all go fishing;
We'll have fish for dinner tonight
But though we're going fishing
No one is going to fight !

 =  thanks,John.
[21.Feb.09 19:04]
thank you, John, for your valued comments and improvements on the poem.

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