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 =  7
felix nicolau
[02.Dec.08 18:58]
a little bit too metaphoric, but the energy inside redempts the whole text

 =  too metaphoric?
Diana Todea
[05.Dec.08 22:25]
I definitely don't see my poem too metaphorical, in fact it's a good thing for poems to have plenty of metaphors. So, I definitely don't agree with your marking or whatever 7 means.

 =  50 - like 50%
ion a
[06.Dec.08 09:20]
the chords are torn
swords dazzle
- nobody sits in this land
graves speak beneath
dark blue sky
in rings of fire!

 =  solution
Diana Todea
[06.Dec.08 16:17]
That seems like a creative solution. Thanks for stopping by, Diana.

 =  a
felix nicolau
[07.Dec.08 00:09]
that wasn't a mark. simply helped me to organise my comms. i'll avoid numbers in the future. as for metaphors, yes, they are good for the poem in case they are new, never seen before

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