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 =  Chris
Corina Gina Papouis
[22.Nov.08 22:00]
Russian love, 3 seconds left to live, sadness and lots of love questions...Wow, Chris, what is going on? A very sensitive poem, coming from a hurt heart...
Hope the author gets better:)

 =  errrr
Corina Gina Papouis
[22.Nov.08 23:04]
Diana, ever so sorry to have mistaken your name...Appologies...

 =  no worries, Corina
Diana Todea
[23.Nov.08 18:47]
No problem. I just realized that writing is the best way for therapy, ergo my poem about a broken heart, which is true. Poems should reflect reality, in order to reach the public. Thanks,

 =  Snow drowning inside the mouth
Ada Ionescu
[25.Nov.08 10:38]
... and the poem did reached to me. :) I took an interest especially in the expresive methaphors: "snow drowning inside the mouth", "the narrow place dissolved my feelings", "what is love when sadness is big enough to fill blue eyes?/ where all the love goes when nobody is near to hold you?"... and the rest up to the end. Actually... I think the whole poem is an extended methaphor made of tiny, precious pieces.

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