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Corina Gina Papouis
[10.Dec.08 20:57]
innocence vs experience: hard one!
a very clever exit from an overly sweet never-gonna-work kind of love situation.
mellow yet deep, very feminine yet sharp and witty.

...the 'crossed legs' - becoming your trademark..:)

Enjoyed it!

 =  corina, this type situations
Simona Sumanaru
[11.Dec.08 01:00]
always make me think if this is wisdom or mere cowardice with a mask. They say "one should not kill love". Since we only fall for a selected few, I'd say love should be pursued when it occurs. But then that'll make me what, a naive? Better stay with "wise" then, looks better ;-) Might be that we came up with all these "notions" just to think more, and love less.

the 'crossed legs' hihi funny you've noticed. i'd say body language matters a great deal, wouldn't you?

thanks Corina! you're sweet

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dan marius
[11.Dec.08 12:27]
"with you i see angels" very nice indeed. Here's an illegitimate, illegal and worthless assemble of stars from me

 =  mum's the word
Simona Sumanaru
[11.Dec.08 14:25] goes with the poem

thank you for the illegal string of stars. i feel like bonnie & clyde altogether :-)

+ And here's one...
John Willy Kopperud
[12.Dec.08 11:36]
...from me. I like your style, Simona. It hits this reader right on!
Cheers from Willy

 =  you are spoiling me
Simona Sumanaru
[12.Dec.08 15:38]
with all these stars, guys. My poems still need a lot of work, Willy, but always glad when the message comes across.

I bow down to His Majesty, the Reader, and I thank you.

Cheers back!

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