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Corina Gina Papouis
[14.Dec.08 23:05]
two course (or more) poem!:)
It flows gracefully (in fact like most poems signed by you)and hits the reader over and over again with beautiful imagery and meaningful messagaes.

'when I see you the sky falls into my heart
where the words disappear'

this is a poem in itself and there are so many others here...

'love escapes from the battlefield
where the wounded are proud of their blood
and they pronounce the judgement
on the stealer of tears'

Please give us more of your wisdom, although you're right when you say:

'and I understand it all without words'

Congratulations Florin!

 =  Corina
florin caragiu
[16.Dec.08 16:00]
Thank you very much for the help and attention given to this poem: I have no special wisdon, I think you read the text with wisdom, in fact a poem in act is a poem with two wings: writer-reader ;)) thank you for the common flight :)...

thanks and greetings from Bucharest,


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