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 =  Hail Love. Hail Peace. Sheika
Juan Felipe Parra
[11.May.06 13:40]
No link between the different elements, no structural rythm... lack of strength on the last part.
Arabian poetry may do wonders on these small poems of yours. I encourage you to give it a try. Rabridanath Tagore.

 =  this stuff......... is mine
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[14.May.06 05:39]
let me explain....

the needless annoyance
the in between separation
filled with sayings
from lunacy
coz of un contentment.

this thing my kinda stuff, after what happened last month, during schools last semester, personal stuff......I'd say....

 =  P.S A Piece of silent machine
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[14.May.06 05:50]
p.s and as of the title I don't have to explain it, I'll keep this stuff the way it is!
anyway I always use thesaurus to make some stuff short, for there is no need for explanation, if you'll only know what I mean, by a piece of silent machine.......

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