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Marius Surleac
[17.Jan.09 20:37]
Even if, at first, the shape of the expressions makes the reader to understand something else, the whole idea is very nice, a meditative state of Chris is to be found here. I like the connection between cause and effect, the idea of experimenting things here. Indeed, poetry!

Welcome back Chris. It's been a while since you haven't been around and we missed your hearty presence.


 =  good
Lynn West
[17.Jan.09 21:52]
This one says so much in so little... nicely done, Chris

 =  marius.
Christopher Thripp
[17.Jan.09 22:00]
i am humbled marius
thank you...

 =  lynn.
Christopher Thripp
[17.Jan.09 22:01]
and thank you lynn appreciated as always.

 =  One's self...
John Willy Kopperud
[18.Jan.09 12:55]
...seems so constant, yet it's constantly altered by time and
circumstance. "Don't look back" is a Zimmerman title that comes to mind. Pretty nice this one, Chris!
Cheers from Willy

 =  willy
Christopher Thripp
[09.Mar.09 16:28]
thanks willy been so busy i will try to get on more often than of late...

 =  cheers
Horia Mocanu
[17.Mar.09 21:18]
an interesting combination of breath, mind and destiny. from the belly of the past come all the great verses. nice one

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